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Ohne Alkohol

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Due to the traditional manner of conceiving wine and the obvious technological difficulties involved, the concept of “alcohol-free wine” has taken some time to reach the market.

2008: SINALCOHOL S.L., a member of the Matarromera Group, is the first company in the world to achieve an alcohol-free drink made 100% from high-quality wine, launching Eminasin in its Red, Rosé, White and Red Crianza varieties. The continuous research and development carried out by Matarromera’s R&D&I Department along with SINALCOHOL S.L. have given rise to this new product which, for its presentation and characteristics, constitutes another ‘first’ at worldwide level.

2009: TO DATE, NO WINE-BASED DRINK WITH 0.0% ALCOHOL EXISTED IN THE WORLD. The first 100% alcohol free product arrives with EMINAZERO.

Emina 0,0


A refreshing, healthy drink based on a natural product, namely wine.

Eminazero is characterised by:


  • The same colour as the original wine.
  • 80% of the original aroma.
  • Very similar flavour, slightly sweeter than the original wine.
  • All the positive components of wine; polyphenols, antocyans, salts, minerals, etc.
  • Extremely low sulphite content.
  • Carbonic content that makes it refreshing and digestible.
Emina Sin

Made with Verdejo grapes from the finest vineyards of the Rueda region. The Verdejo variety is enormously aromatic and fruity, ideal for making EminaZERO White. In its canned version it has a slight sparkle, which boosts its aromas and reinforces its flavour.

Emina Sin

Made with the best Verdejo white and Tempranillo red grapes of the Cigales area. The combination gives a product of splendid colour, complemented by the fruit aroma of Verdejo and the powerful structure and richness of Tempranillo. In its canned version it has a slight sparkle, which makes it rounder and meatier in the mouth and reinforces its complexity.

Emina Sin

Made with Tempranillo red grapes from the Duero Valley, it is full-bodied and well-structured, maintaining the colour, aromas and a well-balanced, light structure that recalls red wine but in a healthy, refreshing manner.


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Emina Sin


The first drink with very low alcohol content made with high-quality wine arrives in Spain. SINALCOHOL S.L., based in the town of Valbuena de Duero (Valladolid), launches EMINASIN, a product with 0.5% alcohol.

EMINASIN has been obtained thanks to the most advanced technology, with a patented system that is a world’s first in preserving the sensory characteristics of traditional wine but eliminating almost all of its alcohol content.

EMINASIN has been developed through a system known as Spinning Cone Column (SCC). The dealcoholization process has been through a vacuum distillation at low temperature of a previously fermented wine in stainless steel tanks at a constant control temperature. Through this process of deconstruction, it minimizes the risk of loss of flavor in the wine components.

The result of this innovative process is a fresh, fruity, different product that is destined to conquer a market segment that until now could not enjoy the qualities of a product as exquisite as wine: drivers, expectant mothers or people who are forbidden to drink alcohol for religious reasons can now enjoy this delicious new product.

EMINASIN is presented in four different varieties:

  • 1. EminaSIN White: Made from the best Verdejo grapes from Rueda region.
  • 2. EminaSIN Red: Made with excellent Tempranillo grapes from Duero area.
  • 3. EminaSIN Rose: Made with Tempranillo and Verdejo grapes from Cigales region.
  • 4. EminaSin 12 Meses: made with tempranillo grapes and has been 12 months in American oak barrel.

Without doubt, a different product: no alcohol.

This is the first product of its type in all the world, and it now enters the Spanish market under the SINALCOHOL S.L. brand of exclusivity, elegance and distinction.

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Melior Zero



MeliorZero brings you the first 100% “00” wine, alcohol free. A refreshing , healthy drink based on a natural product, namely wine.

  • 1. MeliorZero White:
  • 2. MeliorZero Red:
  • 3. MeliorZero Rose:
  • 4. MeliorZero Sparkling:

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WIN0,0 brings you the first 100% “00” wine, alcohol free. A refreshing , healthy drink based on a natural product, namely wine.

  • 1. WIN 0,0 White:
  • 2. WIN 0,0 Red:
  • 3. WIN 0,0 Rose:
  • 4. WIN 0,0 Sparkling:

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